Magical Venetian atmosphere visited the GASK in Kutna Hora

In the beautiful surroundings of the historic town of Kutná Hora on 27th April 2013 a significant cultural partnership has been held between the City of Prague and Venice on the occasion of a photographic exhibition of Italian artist Maria Pia north in the local art gallery GASK. The municipality of Venice was institutionally represented party by the Councilor for tourism Roberto Armour, further by Stefanie Steo, representing the association the Venetian hoteliers AVA together with Barbara Bonanno, Deputy of Tourism Organization Venezia Si. Read more


“CULTURE AND ART CAME LONG BEFORE POLITICIANS”An exclusive interview with Eli Fischer, president of Dr. Fischer pharmaceuticals and founder of the collection Art for Peace, an unique collection of over 400 artworks from artists from Israel, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan and mor to support peace dialog and coexistence in the Middle East region. Out of this collection has been created the project Messengers of Peace, a special exhibition to be seen in the main office post in Jindřišská till November, 30th 2012. Read more

March 6 has been declared the ‘European Day of Remembrance for the Righteous’

Prague, 24 May 2012 – The European Parliament has designated March 6 as the European Day of Remembrance for the Righteous. The written declaration was supported by 388 Members of the European Parliament. Now all of Europe will on this day commemorate all those righteous individuals who risked their lives and the safety of themselves and their families to stand up for the dignity and freedom of victims of totalitarian regimes. Read more